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$75 per hr

Green CYC Wall B

Have you ever wanted to shoot a car commercial? With our 1,000 sq. ft. of Green CYC Wall production space, you can produce scenes from your favorite marvel movies, all the way to your favorite car commercials.

$25 per hr

Conference Room *free for members

Don't you want your meetings to inspire new ideas? With our creative conference room, entrepreneurs can enjoy a daily dose of creativity mixed with the technology we all love. With our 4k HDR TV with Google cast capabilities, hosting a meeting here is as entertaining as it is productive.

$50 per hr

Photography Floor A

With 625 sq ft photography floor with 20 ft high ceilings... We make sure to give our photographers all room they need to create awesome work!

$25 per hr

Kitchen Set *free for members

A fully furnished space of your own to accommodate your business needs that gives you access to everything that Creator Space has to offer, including professional business consulting dedicated to helping you grow your business.

$25 per hr

MULTI-USE STUDIO C *free for members

A private 240 sq. ft. room consisting of a PA system designed for small events, band rehearsals, presentations, and TV SHOWS.

$50 per hr

MULTI-USE STUDIO D *free for members

A private 500 sq. ft. room consisting of a projector, screen designed for small events, presentations, and photo shoots.



The studio loves to host networking events allowing members to connect with the creative community. We encourage our residents to host events as well.

Dressing Room

Our private dressing room has a 6 feet standing mirror with makeup lights. This clean dressing room is located right off the production floor, making it easy to access.

Coffee & Tea

You will never run low on energy here. We keep our coffee and tea bar stock with name brands.

Plenty of Parking

We have plenty of parking. Our production facility has more than 10,000 ft with free parking.


Still have questions? Our booking agents are here to help.

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