We just enjoy hanging out, so we created a place for that.

It all started with one creative vision.

We believe that most creative people need a place to work that is just as creative as they are. We created Creator Space to help our community grow.

Zaahi Studios is the home of Creator Space

We started with a space that was only used by our own production teams. In the start of 2015, we opened our studio to the creative community of Indianapolis. Now we have shared office spaces, large production floors and more. This is a place where we're redefining success, not just the bottom line.

Some people may call us business men and entrepreneurs, we believe that we are guys working to empower our community of creators. We move fast and we challenge each other every day, but we focus heavily on our "Creator Space", which makes working here extremely rewarding.

We created a DIY Studio for everyone to enjoy!

Still have questions?

Please contact us to learn more.

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