Photography Studio, Photo Studio, Indy Photography, Indianapolis Photography Studio, Photography Studio, Photography Rental

$40 per hr

Studio A

With 625 sq ft photography floor with 20 ft high ceilings... We make sure to give our photographers all room they need to create awesome work!

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Green Screen Studio, Green CYC Wall, Indianapolis Green Screen, Green Streen

$150 per hr

Studio B

Have you ever wanted to shoot a car commercial? With our 1,000 sq. ft. of Green CYC Wall production space, you can produce scenes from your favorite marvel movies, all the way to your favorite car commercials.

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Band Rehearsal Space, Video Production Space, Tv Set Rental, Tv Set, Video Production

$60 per hr

Studio C *free for members

A private 240 sq. ft. room consisting of a talk show set, news desk, projector, screen, and a PA system, all designed for small events, band rehearsals, presentations, photo shoots., and all things media.

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Indianapolis Theatre, Private Theatre, Meeting space, Film Indy, Indy Film Space, Event Space

$40 per hr

Studio D - Theatre Setup           *free for members

A private presentation room equipped with a full projector system, as well as a PA system upon request; designed for workshops, meetings, parties, and gatherings of all types, this small sized event space is designed to work for you on any occasion.

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Kitchen Production Set, Video Production Set, Cooking Show Set

$25 per hr

Kitchen Set *free for members

A fully furnished space of your own to accommodate your business needs that gives you access to everything that Creator Space has to offer, including professional business consulting dedicated to helping you grow your business.

Creative Spaces, Office Space, Office Space Indianapolis, Private Office Space.

Private Office Space

Conference Room Indianapolis, Downtown Indy Conference Room Rental, Conference Room Rental, Indianapolis Conference Rental

$25 per hr

Conference Room *free for members

Don't you want your meetings to inspire new ideas? With our creative conference room, entrepreneurs can enjoy a daily dose of creativity mixed with the technology we all love. With our 4k HDR TV with Google cast capabilities, hosting a meeting here is as entertaining as it is productive.

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Photography Studio, Indianapolis, Photography Studio, Indy Photo Studio, Private Photography Studio, Downtown Photography Studio

$40 per hr

Studio D - Photography Setup *free for members

A 500 sq. ft. photography room equipped with comfort and privacy to help you create some of your best work. With it's retractable curtain for natural light control and blue-tooth sound system, Studio D gives you all the flexibility you need to create the right mood.

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Event Space, Co Working Event Space, Kitchen Set, Small Event Space, Indy Event Space, Event Space in Indianapolis

$Ask per hr

Community Space *free for members

A fully furnished space of your own to accommodate your business needs that gives you access to everything that Creator Space has to offer, including professional business consultation dedicated to helping you grow your business.

Why Creator Space

Our warehouse studio workspace has private offices for Photographers, Musicians, Artist, Entrepreneurs, and Creators alike. We are located in downtown Indy with plenty of parking available. You will be immersed in a  re-purposed vibe that will inspire you, as well as, your clients you bring into the building.

Large Common


We have 10,000 square feet of work space includes desk, chairs, and offices.



Hard-wired (Ethernet) connections as well as access to Wi-Fi.



We have a shared multi-functional copier/ scanner /printer



Get free coffee, tea, water, and sometimes beer.

Conference Room

We have a 4k TV and a 10 foot conference table available 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

Private Offices

One Shared office with other rentable offices available.

Creator Space



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Whether it's getting hands on feedback about your project or even asking for recommendations on how to market your business, the power of know-how is every much endless.

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