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Changing the Narrative

Creating pathways into the entertainment industry for

emerging voices and talents.

Changing the Narrative

When Zaahi Studios sets out to create something, we aim to do more than tell the story. We build teams that form a community to champion new voices, experiences and viewpoints because we believe that's what makes some of the best stories. We strive to provide opportunities to those who haven't had traditional pathways into the entertainment industry, so that, the stories we tell are reflective of our audiences and remain in our memories.

Changing the Narrative

1.Creative Talent


The Creative Talent Membership provides working opportunities for film and TV. Our goal is to shine a light on your talents and move the entertaining industry forward on a local level.


Creative Talent

Indianapolis -  Zaahi Studios.  Creative Talent Membership is another one of our talent incubators. Devoted to finding and funding emerging content, it aims to offer people from all acting backgrounds invaluable industry experience. It's all about talented people coming together to bring a centered focus on Indy's entertainment industry.

Join and collaborate with talented people  to make your dreams go farther.





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