Zaahi Studios is home to Creator Space. It's a rental studio that is comprised of a drive in studios for a total floor-space of 10,000 sq. fully equipped with an extensive list of lighting gear and cameras for rent in studio.


Located in a central part of Indianapolis with easy highway access, this DIY photography studio is run by a team of experienced photographers and videographers who are happy to offer friendly advice about all aspects of your shoot.


You are sure to impress your clients with our trendy and DIY space.



Rental Studios - Available on a hourly basis or longer, our studios welcome photographers and film makers and their teams to use our space and facilities to run their own productions.


Choose between our large infinity cove studio or a modular studio with an industrial flair, both fully fitted with all you would want.


Equipment rental in studio only - We boast an extensive equipment list of  lighting equipment and other top brands of continuous lighting, grip, cameras and digital capture.


Our experienced in-house assistants are available for hire, but are also happy to offer some free assistance and friendly advice about all aspects of your rentals.


Explore our equipment list to find what you’re looking for. Whatever we do not stock, we will source for you.


We help you create the visual content that will put you on the map. As one of the top production studios in Indianapolis, Creator Space offers services that covers all areas of the industry. With a strong team of professionals that conceptualize stunning photography content, video edits, Cinemagraphs and high resolution Gifs, we help you generate all the marketing collateral you may need.